Office Building Fire

Part of the team that obtained a multi-million dollar subrogation recovery for the property insurance company and a tenant in a high-rise office building fire.

Fuel Farm Fire at Airport

Multi-million dollar subrogation recovery for an airline whose fuel storage tanks were destroyed by fire that started on the adjoining fuel tank area.

Street Sign Contractor claim in Duluth, Minnesota

Obtained a favorable jury verdict in favor of a street sign contractor who had a contract with the City of Duluth but was not paid the appropriate amount based on the conditions of the work.

Summary Judgment Upheld on Appeal

Obtained summary judgment for a property insurance company in a case involving vacant or unoccupied property: affirmed on appeal.

Farmstead Single-lot Subdivisions

Formed Single-Lot Subdivisions in North Dakota when owners want to sell farmland but keep the farmstead and buildings that are on the land.