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When negotiation and cooperation have failed to resolve disputes, the next step is often a lawsuit. I have many years of experience representing large and small businesses and individuals as plaintiffs or defendants in a wide range of civil disputes.

Insurance claims

I have experience representing insurance companies in litigation involving fires and explosions, including boiler and machinery-related claims. I have handled civil cases with claims caused by electrical failures, sprinkler system failures, gas leaks, construction failures, and arson, to name a few. My experience includes policy forms and endorsements, the concept of physical loss or damage, and many other property insurance policy clauses. I have worked closely with fire and fraud investigators and many different engineering disciplines.  

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Construction litigation

Many of the cases I have handled involved construction failures or disputes between companies. This requires working with builders and engineers and forming a complete understanding of the plans and specifications of the project. Construction cases are often handled by mediation or arbitration. I am also familiar with the filing and enforcement of mechanic’s liens.

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