We have experience in preparation and review of many types of real estate transactions.  Whether you are the buyer or the seller, we will work with you, your realtor, or the bank to make sure that the legal requirements are met and your documents can be recorded in your county records office.  

Warranty deeds and quitclaims

Most final transactions result in signing and recording a Warranty Deed or a Quitclaim, also called a Quitclaim Deed. A Warranty Deed includes promises by the seller that the title is clear and that the seller will defend against a claim made by a third party.  This is the most desirable deed. A Quitclaim Deed is just a transfer of whatever interest a seller has in the property, without any promise that the title is actually clear. We have experience with both types.

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Contracts for deed and deeds with a retained life estate

A contract for deed is an agreement between a buyer and a seller whereby the buyer agrees to pay a certain price with interest over a certain length of time.  There are conditions that must be met along the way, which vary with the type of property involved: for example, residential vs. farmland. If payments and conditions are completed, the seller will give the buyer a Warranty Deed at the time of final payment. A contract for deed can be recorded to protect the interests of the buyer. Either a Warranty Deed or a Quitclaim Deed can include a retained life estate.  

Farm Rental Agreements

Farm leases should always be in written form and will include different provisions, depending on whether there are farm buildings or grain storage in addition to tillable acres.  We can help you define the terms of your agreement according to your needs.

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